1. Kyle Scott
    Hard sell expert, national automotive, deep rich narration

    Also, check out Kyle Scott's national TV voice-over work.

  2. Max
    Big voice, classic announcer style, Slight southern accent

  3. Jon
    Great straight reads. Warm & believable

  4. Kevin
    National, professional voice, automotive

  5. Marc
    Professional, versatile

  6. Quinn
    Clear, natural, warm, & personable

  7. Ian
    Deep, rich, resonant, authoritive, corporate

  8. Jonathan
    Versatile, big bold narration



  1. Angel
    Peppy, upbeat, younger

  2. Leslie
    Smooth, rich narrative

  3. Sarah
    Nice British accent, versatile

  4. Carolyn P.
    Friendly, smooth, contemporary reads

  5. Dana
    Smooth, upbeat, warm, sexy, newsy



  1. Dan
    Mature fluent Spanish and English reads



  1. Caroline K.
    Great with dialects, and character voices young and old

  2. Jason
    Great Cartoon Voices, and Accents.

  3. George
    Man of 1,000 Voices!!!



  1. Linda
    Versatile, teen voice, as well as adult female reads

  2. Jyl
    Friendly, todays' older teen voice. Also great adult reads!

  3. Seth
    Real and natural, late teen voice.

  4. Skylor
    Our young teen vo specialist