Jaguar Creative Audio is the passion of Kyle Scott, aka Buddy Scott, who started “playing radio” at the age of 8. He would walk around the living room with a Radio Shack microphone plugged into his mom’s old record console reading the paper and pretending to be on the radio. He also would hide a transistor radio under his pillow at bedtime and listen to WLS/Chicago. His two older sisters thought he was a real geek!

His love for radio has not stopped since. His 25 years in the broadcasting industry include on air/production director jobs in LaCrosse, Madison, Milwaukee and San Diego, morning traffic on WLS in Chicago with “Bubba the Love Sponge”, and even a guest appearance with Chuck Woolery on Love Connection, where his date failed miserably.  Kyle has also been "voice coached" by one of the best voice over talents in the biz, Don LaFontaine!

Jaguar Creative Audio got its start when Kyle’s radio pals in other markets started asking him to be the voice of their radio stations. Kyle would work on the air during the day and use the radio station’s production studio at night to record sweepers and promos for the various radio stations. Eventually, Kyle got too busy to keep his “day job” being a radio announcer on air and started his business full-time. Over the years "He's been on the prowl," Hunting for the world's best voice over talents. GREAT NEWS... he's found them (for a list of talents check out the talents page).

Kyle also plays five instruments and is well versed in all music styles and formats.